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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What fabrics can I dye?
A – It’s possible to dye many types of fabric and all sorts of other things, too! From natural fibres like cotton, linen, silk, wool and suede, to synthetics such as polyester, nylon and imitation leather, we stock a wide range of products for lots of different materials. Our “Which Dye?” page will help you to identify and select suitable product options.

Many items have a fabric care label that will state the composition of the fabric. Materials that are treated with special finishes, such as stain or water repellents, “easy-care” and flame retardants may not be suitable for dyeing.

If you're not sure whether a fabric is suitable for dyeing, and would like to use a Dylon product, give Dylon's friendly experts a call on 01737 742020.

Q - Will dye cover up bleach marks?
A - As bleach can harm the fabric, dyeing may not always cover up bleach marks.

Q – Can I dye patterned fabrics?
A – Yes, although some traces of pattern may remain visible after dyeing.

Q - Can I dye denim?
A - Yes, however you may lose the light dark contrast typically associated with denim.

Q - Can I dye faded items?
A – Yes, but you should use Dylon Pre-Dye first to remove the colour from the fabric and ensure that you get an even colour. Dylon Renovator Black will restore faded black items.

Q - Can I use dyes in the microwave?
A - Yes you can use Dylon Hand Fabric Dye in the microwave. Microwave dyeing can achieve some good tie-dye effects however, if you are looking for an even finish Dylon do not recommend using the microwave.

Q – Can I use Dylon Multi-purpose Dye in a washing machine?
A - Yes, it is possible to use Dylon Multi-purpose Dye in a washing machine. For convenience, we sell Dylon Multi-purpose Dye 5g Sachets in packs of 3 – enough for one washing machine cycle.

Q - Why do I need to use salt?
A - You need to use salt because it opens up the pores of the fabric and allows the dye to be absorbed. Any non-iodised salt can be used.

Q - Will dyeing stain or affect subsequent washes in my machine?
A - No, just make sure that you follow the pack instructions.

We also recommend running an additional wash cycle and adding a cup of bleach with your usual detergent to ensure that all residue dye is removed. Alternatively, you could use Dylon Washing Machine Cleaner 3in1 which will also freshen and descale your machine.

Q - Do you also provide a dyeing service?
A - No, but offer a professional dyeing service.

Q - Do you also deliver to Southern Ireland and mainland Europe?
A - Yes, we provide a same day despatch service to all European destinations.

Q - Is it possible to pay in Euros?
A - Yes, orders can be placed in Euros at either of our following European sites: ➨ ➨

Approximate Weight Guide

We would always advise that you weigh the item that you want to dye to determine how many packs of dye you'll need. The table below gives you a rough idea of the weight of some regular items:

Item Weight (approx.)
Jeans or trousers 600g (1¼ lbs)
2 Shirts 500g (1lb)
Bath Towel 600g (1¼ lbs)
Double Sheet 600g (1¼ lbs)
Double Duvet Cover 1200g (2½ lbs)
Double Sheet 2kg (4lbs)

Colour Mixing

Fabric dyes will blend with the original colour of your fabric so you'll need to consider colour mixing rules:

  • Red + Blue = Purple
  • Blue + Yellow = Green
  • Red + Yellow = Orange

Alternatively, you can use DYLON Pre-Dye to return a fabric to a neutral shade before dyeing to obtain the colour close to that shown on the pack.